Our Mission

At SimplyBudz we were looking for a way to supply our bud buddies with the highest quality medical marijuana for the lowest price in a way that would be as simple and convenient as possible. That is where we came up with the concept for our online website, mail order marijuana Canada or online dispensary Canada


Our professionals have been in the medical marijuana industry for over 20 years and have mastered the trade.


We differentiate our company by putting the customer first. We supply our customers with the highest quality product for the best price straight to their door through a method that is simple, safe, reliable, and convenient. We wanted to make the process as simple as possible for you – our valued customer.

Online Dispensary Canada

Our Products

Every product on our website is sourced from master producers. 100% BC-grown marijuana produced with precision by the most sophisticated growers. We thoroughly test our products before putting them up on our website in order to ensure we are providing you with the highest quality selections. To ensure consistency, we source our products from carefully selected elite master growers – only the best in the business.


Instead of giving you a confusing list of bud strains, we have done the work for you and carefully hand selected the most popular budz by price range ($$, $$$ & $$$$). We wanted to ensure the price range of our products met every users budget. We hope you find the bud that is the right fit for you!


We carefully update our inventory list regularly to keep things exciting, but we maintain our grade system to make selections as simple as possible.


We even give you an option to have your marijuana pre-rolled! This saves you time and supplies. It’s also a great option for the recreational user!

Our Delivery

Our goal is to ensure your shipments are as professional and discreet as possible.


We package your products in our SimplyBudz smell-proof concealed package to keep them as fresh and secure as possible. We then conceal and disguise this package one more time to ensure privacy.


Lastly, we ship off your products in a bubble mailer via Canada Post Xpresspost.


All you need to do is place your order. Let us do the rest!


It’s that simple at SimplyBudz. Enjoy!


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