Use These 5 Steps to Help Your Patients on Cannabis Treatments to Choose Strains

It is not uncommon for budtenders to encounter scenarios where customers or patients approach them for advice on which strain they recommend. Most of the patients and customers alike will always have symptoms of their ailments which they clue to the budtender who can then easily discern the best strain. At other times, a patient may only indicate that they want a Sativa or Indica strain. So, it is upon the budtender to discern the best strain that they would recommend the patient or customer. Most of the time, this process works pretty well, and the patients and customers get to buy the right marijuana strain. These budtenders are only good at their jobs because they follow simple guidelines to know the right strain for their patients and customers.

Here is a short list of some of the guidelines.

1. They know their patient’s needs

This should be a pretty obvious step to follow. Otherwise, how will you be able to tell which strain is best for the patient or customer who approaches you? A good budtender will always ask his/her customer to explain what kinds of symptoms they are suffering from. They are always respectful and discrete about it too. They will only let the patient share what he/she is comfortable sharing and try to assess what they are given. This step is particularly important when applied in canna dispensaries that serve many patients on a daily basis.

Use These 5 Steps to Help Your Patients on Cannabis Treatments to Choose Strains 1

2. Know the cannabis types

A good budtender also knows all the categories of cannabis strains in the shop. The Indica, Sativa, and even hybrid strains that are in the inventory at all times. It is vital to know which canna strain gives an energizing effect and which one offers more of a sedating effect. Which strain is mostly recommended for daytime and which ones are best for night hours. Indica strains are also better matched for insomnia and pain while the Sativa strains are best for patients suffering from chronic fatigue and depression.

3. Know the terpenoids and cannabinoids

A good budtender will also know the chemical profiles of the cannabis strains in the canna shop. This is extremely important, especially when recommending a particular strain to a patient. Knowing the cannabinoid and terpenoid contents of the strains put the budtender at a better position to recommend the best strain according to the patient’s preferences. This, however, is only possible when the product strains are batch tested as each harvest and extract reads varied chemical contents. Take Pinene, for example, a cannabis extract which promotes alertness and is great for patients fighting inflammation. Or THCV which is better known for its energizing effects. Also found in specific cannabis strains.

Use These 5 Steps to Help Your Patients on Cannabis Treatments to Choose Strains 2

4. Know the grower

A good budtender will even go as far as to get details on the growers of the various cannabis strains that are in the shop. There are some instances where only the growers of the plants can help. For example, if you need some information on a specific strain. Maybe you want to know whether a particular strain is an unusual phenotype which may deliver different effects. Or maybe whether a specific strain has genetic variations which fall under one name. These are some of the bits of information that only the plant growers are at a better position to give.

Use These 5 Steps to Help Your Patients on Cannabis Treatments to Choose Strains 3

5. Know what is on the shelf

A great budtender is one who is always aware of what is on the shelf and even what the shop has at the back. Knowing what to recommend to patients and customers who need your advice is very important. This last step is particularly more helpful if the budtender has personally tried the products as well. The chances are that the effects of the herb may not be the same on everybody. But at least you will still have some knowledge of what to suggest.